View of the lake

This photograph was taken in 2010.  It is a view from our old house, a house that saw the birth of our two out of three children, and much busy work of motherhood.  I did not know it then that I would miss this house because more than anything else at that time, I wanted to move out.  I wanted to be in a different neighborhood, better school district, roomier house, with a different floor plan.  I did not like the ranch style and bedrooms in the basement where we would have to put our kids.  I was so adamant about it.  Fast forward a few years and we are in a new house-- a large house in a beautiful neighborhood with exactly the floor plan that pleases me.  Yet I miss the old house now more than ever.  It was smaller and cozier and easier to take care of.  I do not have the life-giving view of the lake anymore, nor the beautiful light in the kitchen and the dining room.  I do not have babies or little children running around happily.  Now there's struggle that comes with middle age and ever present electronics.  I am as busy as ever but today I pause and reflect on times gone by. Today, I would gladly take the view of the lake and a smaller dwelling.